TDR, Inc. is proud to partner with Lely to bring the latest in dairy automation. Robotic solutions increase milk yield and quality, improve overall herd health, and significantly decrease feed, fuel and labor costs. Lely's innovative solutions for all aspects of sustainable farm management, partnered with TDR's engineering capabilities and top notch service,  allow dairy famers to make tailored decisions for their herd and operation.


Milking solutions

Lely's automated milking solutions get more milk in the tank with less effort. Solutions are tailored to your specific goals. Free cow traffic allows cows to be in charge of when they eat, drink, rest and get milked - creating a stress-free and productive environment.  The Lely Astronaut A4 allows you to:

  • Add precision to reproduction 
  • Know your cows 
  • Secure udder health
  • Increase your milk yield 
  • Operate on feed efficiency 
  • Support your grazing strategy

Watch how the lely astronaut works 

Feeding  Solutions

Lely's automated feeding solutions take over the day-to-day feeding of a herd, ensuring efficiency while improving overall animal health. 

  • Save time - an average of 180 man hours per year
  • Save fuel
  • Higher milk yield
  • Optimal rumen health 
  • Less feed waste 

watch how the lely juno works

Lely Cow with Luna.jpg

other Solutions 

In addition to milking and feeding solutions, Lely offers the following to increase efficiency, flexibility and overall animal health. 

  • Housing and Caring Solutions - Optimal barn design, an environment conducive to cow health and well being
  • Animal Health Solutions - Creating stress-free and productive cows
  • Engery Solutions - Engery-neutral, sustainable solutions to decrease water and energy use
  • Dairy XL Solutions - For dairy farms with over 500 cows - connecting humans, animals and technology 

Case Study: Postma Dairy

In 2018, TDR completed installation of the first fully automatic robotic commercial dairy in California.  Postma Dairy currently milks 600 cows, using 10 Lely Astronaut A4 robotic milking systems. In addition, to milking robots, Postma Dairy also utilizes the Juno automatic feed pusher.


  • 12 pounds more milk per day, per cow, than cows in their traditional milking parlor (that's 2.6 million pounds per year)
  • Average 100,000 Somatic Cell Count (SCC)
  • Top quality milk grades 
  • Significant decrease in feed and labor costs


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